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Teach Thurrock runs four School Direct Training Programmes which result in the following qualifications:

Non-Salaried (PGCE) Route - General Primary

School Direct Non-Salaried Trainees will achieve QTS and a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) at a Level 7 which means that they have 60 credits towards a masters degree that they can take up once they are teaching.

This is the highest level PGCE qualification and is highly regarded.  If you are completing the School Direct Non-Salaried training programme, you will complete two Masters written assignments which are compulsory parts of the PGCE. You will spend some days at the Institute of Education participating in subject specialist learning and attending keynote lectures.

Non-Salaried (PGCE) Route -  FS/KS1 

You will carry out the same training and receive the same qualification at the end but you will train in an Early Years group at the Institute and one of your School Experiences will be in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

Salaried Route - General Primary 

Salaried Trainees will gain Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) through providing evidence of achieving the teaching standards.  For those trainees who wish to gain a PGCE qualification there will be an opportunity to carry out a research project in your NQT year which would count towards this.  This would be under the Institute of Education and there would be a cost involved. 

In all three programmes you will learn, understand, apply and reflect on the range of teaching and learning strategies needed to establish high quality and effective teaching and learning. You will develop a better understanding of the specific educational context for schools and develop a range of strategies to overcome potential challenges to learning and high attainment. You will learn how to build professional relationships with young people and colleagues and develop the key skills for a fully inclusive education. You will engage in a number of professional dialogues with experienced teachers, trainee teachers and the young people in our cluster of schools in order to reflect on and refine your practice. You will teach lessons and participate in interactive professional studies sessions in school and at ULC Institute of Education to deepen your own professional learning.