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You will need to check that you meet the eligibility criteria:

  • GCSE Mathematics, English and Science at a minimum Grade C and current Grade 4 on the new system (or accepted equivalency - please contact us for advice).  This is a core requirement.  
  • A Levels are not essential but can strengthen any application; especially the PGCE route.
  • Degree at 1st or 2.1 but we are willing to consider candidates with a 2.2, dependent on their experience. Candidates must ensure that they have a full degree at honours as ordinary degrees or those without a research element will not be considered.  If there are any concerns please do contact Teach Thurrock.
  • Degrees must be completed by July 2021.  Any candidate completing in the 2021 must have a degree supplement issued directly from their provider before they enrol at the end of August. 
  • A passion and commitment to improving the life chances of young people through high quality teaching and learning.
  • At least 10 days' classroom experience within the last 18 months for both PGCE and Salaried routes. Our accrediting provider may ask for extra days as a condition of their offer so any applicants in work may need time off to do this. Due to Covid this is ideal but not essential for our PGCE route. 
  • A satisfactory enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau (DBS), a completed Fit to Work and Declaration and barring form by the time of enrolment. 

Applicants whose first language is a language other than English may be required to produce evidence of their English proficiency.

Equal Opportunities

The Teach Thurrock Primary Partnership is committed to equal opportunities and will not discriminate on the grounds of colour, race, and nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex of marital status or on the grounds of disability. 

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Applicants apply through UCAS.  The date for when Apply 1 opens has yet to be confirmed, please go to the UCAS site for more information. 

The UCAS site has proven challenging so listed below are the ways to find the Teach Thurrock Primary Partnership:

  • Click on the UCAS drop down menu on this site.
  • Click on the tab “Search for training programmes".
  • Put Essex in the region box and scroll down for Dilkes Academy  which is the Lead School or for the Teach Thurrock Primary Partnership. 

Course Titles:

  • General Primary – UCAS course PGCE L206 
Application Forms  will be available from the UCAS website in the coming weeks.  Teach Thurrock will keep Apply 1 Open indefinitely but you may wish to be one of the first to apply.  

As per the UCAS guidelines we have 40 days from the day your application is posted to consider your application, Dilkes will email you to make the necessary arrangements.  The interview will take the form of:

  • A short written task
  • A mathematical task (see below for examples) 
  • An interview with a panel of head teachers from the partnership and possibly a member of the Institute of Education

Once the interview process has been completed and offer will the placed on UCAS within 24 hours.

Once candidates have received all three offers per the UCAS guidelines they are allowed 10 working days to accept and Teach Thurrock abides by these conditions so whilst we do keep in contact with candidates we do not push for an acceptance. 

Successful candidates will begin the training programme full time in September 2021 once they have ensured that they have carried out any conditions of their offer (may be 10 days’ experience in a primary school) and passing their skills tests in Literacy and Mathematics.  We expect all trainees to have passed their skills test by May 2021 at the very latest. 

Applicants who need to gain 10 days experience in a primary school may be eligible to take part in Teach Thurrock's Primary Experience Programme (TTPEP).  For more information contact Andrea Parfett at Dilkes Academy


 Examples of maths questions

Applicants are advised to research the types of maths questions they might find on our UCL test.  A good place to start may be Derek Haylock’s ‘Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers’.  An example of a question type may be:

Use any written method to multiply 63 and 37.  Does your method use distributive law?  If so, explain. (You may be given marks for the quality of your explanation as well as the correct method). 

There will be questions relating to more than the four operations so look at algebra, fractions and decimals.  There may also be questions with more than one step.